A Saturday morning of yoga, meditation, mindfulness talk and nourishing food – could it get any better that that? Safe to say my Morning of Mindfulness workshop sold out and I was so grateful to be able to share my knowledge and help educate 35 eager women on the importance of mindfulness, being in the present, and the power of just being aware. No, this was not a ladies only workshop – men you were more than welcome, and I do hope we get some of you in the workshops to come.

We covered topics on the basic principles of mindfulness, why it’s so important, and of course how to introduce it into daily practice.

We then practiced some beautiful Yoga led by Masha from Happy Melon Studio, followed by a blissful meditation where participants could really relax, unwind and set their intentions.

Feeling calm and content, participants gathered in the gorgeous foyer of Happy Melon Studios to mingle and re-fuel with a nourishing spread of food featuring some of my personal favourite independent health food companies such at Coyo Yoghurt, Karmic Cold Pressed Juices and Forage Cereal.

With practice, mindfulness can serve as the perfect remedy for healing stress that can sometimes challenge our health, performance and quality of life. We live in such a fast paced society where we are always trying to do 10 things at once, worrying about what we have to do next, or dwelling on the things in the past. I created this event to bring people together, to share my passion for health and wellbeing and to inspire you all to reconnect with yourselves and check-in and make sure you gain back control of your attention and purpose in order to help you live your life with abundance and gratitude.

Expressions of interest are now open for upcoming events. If you would like to hear more or pop your name down to be notified about upcoming workshops, please email me via the contact page.

Here’s to the power of the mind,


and remember:


Pay attention

On purpose

In the present moment


Quote: Jon Kabat-Zinn..

















Ummmm… Hello gluten free, sugar free, dairy free – Choc Chip Cookies.

Looking for a healthier chocolate cookie to cure your cravings? This recipe is the prefect mix of crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside.. Just the way we like them.

No explanation needed on these babies..Put the kettle on, lets get dunkin’!


Makes 12



1/4 cup rice malt syrup

1/4 cup softened coconut oil (not melted)

1 free range egg

11/2 tsp vanilla bean powder or alternative

1 tbs pure maple syrup

1tbs almond butter

1/2 – 1 cup high quality dark chocolate, or sugar free, dairy free chocolate which ever you prefer

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp stevia

Pinch of salt

1 1/2 cup gluten free oat flour

1/2 tsp baking soda



Blend the gluten free oats in a blender until they become a fine powder. Combine the vanilla extract, egg, rice malt syrup, almond butter, coconut oil, cinnamon and stevia in a bowl and mix everything together until combined.

Stir in the oat flour,  baking soda and salt until well combine then add desired amount of chocolate chips, Mix.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C.

Spoon mixture into 12 cookie balls and flatten slightly on a tray lined with baking paper. They spread out whilst cooking so be sure to leave enough space in between each.

Cook for 8-10 minutes until golden brown.

Allow to cool for a few minutes before transferring to a cooling rack.


Get Enough Sleep

Ideally most adults should be getting anywhere between 7-9 hours of sleep every night. A good nights sleep is great for your health and helps leave you refreshed and ready to tackle the new day each morning. When you don’t have adequate amounts of sleep our Cortisol (stress hormones) become elevated and the levels of human growth hormone decrease. When cortisol remains spiked for a steady period of time (ie: chronic stress) it can lead to major health problems including chronic fatigued and adrenal fatigue.


Move Your Body

Exercise and looking after your body works to create a healthier mind. Regular physical activity can reduce tension, stabilize your mood and improve your ability to sleep. Through exercise our body releases endorphins which are natural pain killers, not to mention that exercise can be an enjoyable, therapeutic experience.


Get Organised

Having a multitude of tasks and responsibilities with no plan to complete them is a recipe for stress. Try attacking one task at a time and creating To-Do lists with tasks listed in order of importance. Simply writing the tasks down and seeing them on paper can make them feel less daunting. Also try keeping your living space organised and clutter free, creating a stress free environment.


Reach out to Friends and Family

Dealing with life’s pressures alone can cause major stress. Your friends and family are there for you to lean on, so take advantage of that. Catch up with the important people in your life more often to keep yourself happy. If needed vent to them or ask them for help, reduce stress by getting you worries of your chest.


Unplug and have some well deserved YOU TIME

Stop answering your work emails at home, turn off your mobile or put the kids to bed early. Just like technology, it is important for us to recharge. As soon as you wake up, when you get home for work or whenever you can find a spare moment, do something you enjoy. Try making this an everyday ritual to ensure you don’t forget your happiness in the midst of your busy schedule.



1/2 cup almond butter

2 tbs coconut oil

3/4 cup almond meal

1/3 cup cacao powder

1/3 cup maple syrup

2 large free range eggs

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

1/2 cup roughly chopped macadamia nuts

1/2 tsp baking powder



Preheat the oven to 160 degrees C and line a 9” slice tin.

Mix all ingredients in a large mixing bowl ensuring well combined. Transfer to prepared slice tin and bake for 12 minutes.

Allow to cool for 10 minutes before transferring to a cooling rack. Best eaten on the same day for maximum deliciousness.




In today’s fast paced, digital world we are constantly thinking about what we have to do next or dwelling on what has happened in the past. It is rare that we stop, take in our surrounds and submerse ourselves fully in the present moment – surrendering out worries and over thinking brains to be fully aware and conscious of our thoughts and feelings at any given time. Ultimately mindfulness is a way to truly connect with ourselves, helping us become closer to achieving inner peace or simply clearing our minds.

Meditation is a great way to lead us down the path to mindfulness. Although meditation involves quiet, relaxation and stillness, it is those qualities that make it seem very overwhelming. Being still, in silence, alone with your thoughts can seem daunting but we can assure you that once you get the hang of it you will notice a massive shift in calmness, dealing with everyday stress’s and clarity of mind.

Below we have collated our top tips for a beginners guide to meditation to open your mind up to mindfulness and all of its greatness.


Find a calm, comfortable and QUIET sanctuary

Meditation is you time so you don’t want any distractions. Find a place and time of day that allows you to feel completely at ease. Sit still or stand and take a few steps, whatever works best for you and what makes you feel most comfortable.


Slow and Steady

Don’t feel the need to be a master of meditation after your first session. Meditation takes time and constant practice. Start by setting yourself five minutes a day to meditate when you begin and as you feel more confident gradually increase that time.


Take a deep breath

Focusing on your breathing is a great way to start meditating. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, concentrating on the length of each breath and your chest expanding. Whenever your mind begins to wonder, let go of those thoughts and bring your mind back to your breathing.


Don’t go it alone!

There are many guided meditation tools online that can help ease you into the practice. Below are 3 popular apps to get started.


  1. Headspace (free, in-app purchases)

Headspace is a great introduction to meditation with a ten day course that only takes ten minutes every session. The guided meditation helps you relax and works with you through the foundations of meditation. The app also offers single sessions and other courses for specific needs such as relationships or sleeping, most of which can be accessed through a monthly subscription to the app.


  1. Calm

The meditation experience begins as soon as you open the app, prompting you to take a few deep breaths before continuing. The app offers a range of guided meditations series for all different needs. Also available are different scenes, which include beautiful visuals and sounds that will make you feel like you are at the beach one minute then in the middle of a rainforest the next.


  1. The Smiling Mind

This app is great for people of all ages with meditation for children as young as 7. This app is more interactive than the others by asking you how you are feeling before you begin your meditation and tracking your progress. The app is bright and colourful and easy to navigate, making the whole experience very pleasant.


Mother day gift guide_templateMother day gift guide_template 2


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ACC x Triumph_101469

I have to admit, the first crop-top I ever owned was.. well.. my bikini top. I distinctly recall my mum asking what I wore under my sports top in year 5 after little athletics and I simply replied with embarrassment “my swimmers”. I was a slender girl, with no bust what so ever, but all the girls were wearing bras and so at 12 I thought I had to wear one too. Not owning any myself I though like any other 12 year old at the time would – too embarrassed to ask my mum for something I didn’t even need, I opted for the next best thing in my wardrobe; an orange and white stripped Roxy bathers top. Was this to support my non-existent bust? No.. to feel like I fitted in? Yes.. It truly is sad the pressures you deal with at such a young age.

The next day mum took me to Target and we bought a couple of pairs of those tiny AAA triangle crops, they did absolutely nothing but I felt like a girl and remember showing my friends at school, proud as punch. 14 years on I would probably still show my girlfriends when I purchase bras, as lets face it, I’m not much of a bra wearer. When fitted for a bra the other day the sales assistant looked at me curiously when I said I didn’t know my bra size. “I wear a lot of sports crops” awkkkward!.

Whilst I’m lucky puberty finally hit and I began to develop into a woman, I still love my crop tops and as a smaller busted girl prefer my wireless crops for comfort and ease.

So which bra is right for you? Do you prefer Crops or Underwire? Recent studies have show that 88 percent of female adolescents wear bras during exercise that do not fit correctly. We road tested a mixture of Triumph’s  triaction range consisting of their latest Crops and Underwire styles and report back for you on why each suits for our own particular sporting and body shape needs.


Pro Crops. – Brooke.

For me a good sports bra is paramount for a good training session. You wouldn’t train in runners that don’t fit properly – you are most likely to trip and hurt yourself. So why train in a bra that is uncomfortable, digging in all the wrong places or simply supplying no support at all.

A bra should fit snug, comfortably and not restrict your breathing. Your breasts need to be supported firmly to minimize bouncing and tearing of your Coopers ligament which is the only ligament that stops the breast from sagging. I’ve gone through my fair share of bras in the past and after trialing the Triumph triaction range I was pleasantly surprised at how supportive these crop tops are. Crop tops are an essential part of my wardrobe; leading an active, on-the-go lifestyle I find them an everyday staple, enabling me to go from training to the street, working from home or running errands.

Comfort is important; that’s what I loved about these crops, especially the Zen Top which is the perfect crop for Pilates and light activity exercise. The Circular knit fabric draws sweat away from the body and has light padding for support and definition. The Zen top measures well under the bust which is important when doing yoga and Pilates based moves, ensuring there is plenty of coverage when in those downward dogs and Pilates postures. I loved teaming the black and white style back with black leggings and a classic bomber for the ultimate training-to-street look.



My other favorite crop was the Seamfree Top which was the perfect crop for heavier based activity such as running, jumping and boxing. It acts as compression like fit, which stops bounce in its tracks and was particularly comfortable to have on for long periods of time. The racer back styling pulls the bust in and makes you feel totally secure setting you up for the perfect training conditions. Pop them on with the triaction short and you have yourself go to staple pieces for your activewear wardrobe.





Pro Wired Sports Bra – Ellen Tibaldi


Sometimes when people think wired sports bras they think of wire digging into all the wrong places and outdated designs. These are common misconceptions and the Triumph triaction range of wired sports bras proves this. With colourful and comfortable designs, they provide support for women of all cup sizes. I personally wear a 10C and find crop tops ok for light activity, however wired sports bras provide me with optimal support for activities ranging from yoga to running.

Our breasts are made up of delicate ligaments which can break down with extensive exercise without proper support, this ultimately leads to sagging which we definitely want to avoid. The underwire in wired sports bras, provides proper support by reducing the movement of the breasts during exercise. Weather you enjoy leisurely walks or intense HIIT sessions, are a 10C or 18G, the triaction range has a wired sports bra to fit you comfortably, have you looking and feeling good all while providing much needed support.

For women who predominately enjoy running, high intensity plyometrics which involve a lot of jumping and any other workout that involves a lot of movement, I would recommend the triaction Performance Bras I was immediately drawn to this bra because of the girly bright colours it comes in. Also just from first glance I noticed the thick straps that looked very supportive, which they are and also very comfortable. This is a common feature on all the triaction wired sports bras. As soon as I put this bra on I could feel the support and to my surprise it wasn’t overly tight. My favourite thing about the Performance bra is that it goes on like your everyday bra which makes it extremely easy to put on and take off, something you don’t get with crop tops.



Another in the range that goes on with the ease of a regular bra is is the Techno bra. Another one of my favourites, this bra offers the medium support it promises and is ideal for women who do very little high intensity training but rather enjoy walking, Pilates, yoga or even weight training. Although it is a wired sports bra it almost looks like a crop top, as it has a small band around the base, which I thought not only enhanced the overall design but also added support. I had never seen a wired sports bra look as though it could pass as a crop top before and I really liked the modern and edgy look it gave. Looks aside this bra is also comfortable and supportive and easy to wear.

Triumph Flatlays


Finally my favourite bra was the Energise Racerback. Like the name suggests this bra has a racerback design making it perfect for pairing with a tank top, although it does make it a bit harder to take off because of the tighter fit. However it’s that tight fit that makes it my favourite as it provides such a great amount of support and I felt super comfortable wearing it. Although it says this bra offers medium support I would definitely feel comfortable doing some higher intensity workouts in it. Not only was it supportive and comfortable, this bra has added padding which, if I do say so myself, made my cleavage look very nice while keeping everything in its place. This bra is ideal for women who enjoy a range of different workouts and want one bra to offer great support for all their activities.



That is the great thing about wearing wired sports bras, you can go for a jog on the treadmill after your Pilates class with the confidence that your bra is supportive enough for both activities. No matter your cup size, your boobs will definitely thank you for wearing a wired sports bra.


Barney and Kate Interview


After four and a half years shooting 50 interviews, 500 hours of footage across 2 continents, cinema audiences will be inspired by the incredible on screen and behind the scenes story of YOU and ME a new feature documentary that follows the the extraordinary true story of Barney Miller, an active, life loving guy who became a quadriplegic 17 years ago as an emerging Pro Surfer when the car he was a passenger in, hit a tree at over 120kms an hour. Told by doctors he would never breathe independently or be able to use his right arm or legs again, Barney has defied all medical assessments through grit, self-belief, hard work and sheer guts.

When Barney meets and falls in love with Kate, a girl with her own dreams of being a singer, he makes it his mission to only ask Kate to marry him when he can kneel down to propose, stand at the altar and dance at their wedding together.

With the help and support of loved ones, the innovative work of Neurophysics Functional Performance trainer Ken Ware and close friends including 3X World Champion surfer Mick Fanning, Barney is back surfing, fundraising for others with spinal injury through the Barney Miller Surf Classic, and the Wings for Life World Run and is working towards his ultimate goal – to walk, run and surf standing up again.

As a proud fellow ambassador for The Wings For Life World Run  I thought I’d take this time to celebrate the courage, determination and sheer strength these two have been through. Their story is incredibly inspiring and I can’t wait to run along side them on May 8th to help raise money for spinal injury research.

YOU and Me will hit cinemas across Australia and New Zealand on April 26 2016.

Barney Miller talks to media during the Wings for Life World Run Australia Launch, Australia on December 2nd, 2014. // Mark Dadswell for Wings for Life World Run // P-20141203-00080 // Usage for editorial use only // Please go to www.redbullcontentpool.com for further information. //

  1. Where are you and what are you doing right now?

We just celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary so we have been in Byron for a few days relaxing & recharging for the the next few months. We have been staying with our best friends & spent the afternoon at Gaia Retreat & Spa having holistic healing treatments. 


2.  Your determination to defy all medical assessments and be able walk again is truly an incredible story. What motivates you to strive for progress and not give up when the going gets tough?

I think the motivation to push beyond my limits has always been engrained in me since I was a kid because I have always been an athlete. So it’s like my competitive nature was prepping me for the biggest challenge of my life. Whenever I find I am doubting myself though I take a breathe & try to think of all the amazing progress I have made & remind myself that it’s ok to not always be on my best game. I also believe it’s through those hard moments that I am able to appreciate the good days so much more. 


3. How important is food and nutrition in your daily life, and the affect it has on your recovery and state of mind? 

I’m not going to lie I am quite a plain eater and I have a mega sweet tooth but I do love juicing & smoothies so even if I don’t like to eat it i will blend it in our Blendtec or NutriBullet. Haha I have noticed such a huge difference in energy & mental clarity when I am getting in my green smoothies & superfoods verse if I am eating poorly & on the run I am very quick to feel flat. Kate is a natural remedy guru & has a real passion for holistic & nutritional medicine, so my palate has definately become a lot more adventurous. I don’t like taking painkillers so she has been making me an anti-inflammatory drink called Golden Milk which is made up of Almond or coconut milk, tumeric, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon & raw honey to taste. Its so good. Lately we have been learning a lot about gut health & how it is the the root of health so our other regular favourites are fresh coconut water, kombucha, apple cider vinegar & bone broth. 


4. What are you most grateful for?

Barney – Life, health & being surrounded by good people & our dogs. 

Kate- For love & the ability to open my heart to new experiences everyday & live our dreams together. 


5. Kate, what inspires you about Barney?

His love for life & taking advantage of every opportunity given to him. Also that he is taking his own experiences of healing to help others. It’s not just his journey but the worlds. I am so honoured to share my life with him & learn from his courage & willpower. 


6. Barney, how does Kate inspire you? 

Her love, her soul it’s just amazing. Watching her do what she’s done even with her own hardships through life is something I really admire. She’s the strongest person I know. Watching her in her element in the music studio blows me away & seeing hard work pay off of a goal she set to be a singer is something I definitely feed off.


7.  What are you hoping your film “You and Me”  will do for other people?

We hope that after people see the film, that it will give them hope & realise the inner strength that we all have inside us to conquer any obstacle & hardship that we will face in our lives. It’s never to late to try & although it’s super clichè to never underestimate the power of self belief & surrounding yourself with a strong support network. 


8. Do you both have any daily mantras that keep you positive and focused? 

We start & finish everyday with 5 things we are grateful for. It is the perfect way to acknowledge all of the great things we have going on in our day to day lives & that helps us to focus on keeping positive. 


9. The ocean is an incredible thing. How has this been a healing aspect of your recovery process?  

It’s been the biggest healer for me. I have always known the power of the ocean since I was young but it wasn’t until I was away from it for so long after my accident & then got back in that I experienced the true healing it gives. 


10.  If you could give one piece of advice to those who have had major medical setbacks in their life and are struggling to find strength, what would it be? 

Learn to trust yourself. Don’t let anybody else’s opinion professional or not set your limitations on what you can or cannot do. Every individuals situation is unique & cannot be treated as a statistic. I have seen too many ‘miracles’ to overlook that now & know that we are all capable of so much more than even we allow ourselves to do. 

11. What’s next for you both? 

Barney – my priority will remain with my therapy & continuing to mentor anyone who wants help. I also have my charity surf event The Barney Miller Classic where we raise money for a different Individual each year who has suffered a spinal injury. It’s coming upto it’s 17th year August 13/14 so I will be focusing on getting that ready also. 

Kate – I wrote & recorded a few tracks for the film which will also be part of my new album. So for the next few months my main focus will be creating music & working on a live show to tour with the album release later in the year. 


YOU and ME is in Event cinemas nationally Australia & New Zealand April 28 2016 ‘

Checkout the special screenings at:


Q & A with filmmakers screening  – 28 April – 6.30pm Event Bondi Junction – Buy Tickets Here 
Q & A with filmmakers screening   – 30 April  – 6.30pm Event Coffs Harbour – Buy Tickets Here
Q & A with filmmakers screening  – 29 April – Event Pacific Fair  –Buy Tickets Here 
Q & A with filmmakers screening – 3 May – Village Geelong cinemas –Buy Tickets Here 
Q & A with filmmakers screening – 5 May – Village Jam Factory –Buy Tickets Here 


Watch the Trailer now at https://youtu.be/gT5vclcHhmo
Instagram @YouandMe_Movie

To sign up and join us in the Wings For Life World Run click here or jump on board with my team here. 


Grab a towel, clear some space and get ready to sweat with ex winter Olympian Steph Prem’s “Hit Me Baby One More Time” workout from her soon to be released 28 day reset guide -A trailed and proven 28 day reset program to help put your body and your mindset back on track to a healthier, fitter, happier version of you.

The workout
20 sec of Pistol squates (continuous )
10 sec REST
20 sec Oblique knee twist (alternate btw sides each round)
10 sec REST
20 Towel knee tucks
10 sec REST
REPEAT 4 time
Complete each move based on your current fitness level using the guide below.
Beginner 20sec work 10 sec rest
Intermediate 30sec work 10 sec rest
Advanced 40sec work 10 sec rest






20 sec of Pistol squates (continuous )
10 sec REST


20 sec Oblique knee twist (alternate btw sides each round)
10 sec REST


20 Towel knee tucks
10 sec REST
Repeat 4 times

HIIT Session

The ’28 Day Reset Guide’ RRP is $60 and will be available for purchase here